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Welcome to the official website of the Para Normal Team!

Dear visitor!

If you remember having seen someone - looking like one of the guys in this website - hanging on rock above Machu Picchu, eating lotus flowers in Laos, hitching the speed cars on German highways, struggling in silver mine in Bolivia, mounteneering in the Alps or the Tatra, mending jeep in the Atacama desert, etc ... yes it could have been one of us!

If you heard about madmax drivers gathering in Budapest, pushing their poor constructions over southern Europe like hell, shipping across the Mediterranean officially or not, bargaining in Morocco for the day to day bases, digging sand in the Western Sahara, wondering in the middle of nowhere between two African bordersgate without official papers, and arriving at the capital of Mali like the general of a victorious army ... yes those adventurers will be us

in January 2009!

You are warmly welcomed to this website where you can follow our run from Europe to Africa, to the cradle of humanity, based on the original idea of the classical Dakar Rally. The less money the more fun!

If you wish to send charity gift to people in need in Africa, we will be happy to help you. The Para Normal Team also welcomes sponsors for our B2B run. Please notice that the last B2B race was broadcasted on the Travel Channel many times.

For charity gift information or sponsoring issues or any other questions: contact us here!

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