Art as a gift

How can the Giftcard help you?

By our Giftcard, you can be sure that the beloved one will choose the artwork she / he likes the most...

Why is the Giftcard good for you? Exclusive, mobile and safe

Exclusive, because it has a unique look and designed for one-use only.
Mobile, because it is credit card sized and needs no further registration, nor PIN number.
Safe, because each Giftcard is issued with unique serial number and safety seal.
Easy: order by e-mail, pay by wire transfer and receive by registered mail within couple of days. You decide which value you choose: EUR 50, 100 or more. Your friend, beloved one can decide which painting, graphics, textile or statute to buy.

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Minden jog fenntartva! Fortunatus Kft 2006.  |  Art-Area Kortárs Művészeti Galéria  |  |  Adatkezelési azonosító: 01496-0001